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Are You Sick Of Being Sick And Tired?

In my experience, chronic illness including fatigue is no condition to be in. Many suffer for years, going from one doctor to another in search for relief. Relief is elusive, and to make matters worse, a large number of physicians just think it is not a real condition. Just giving their patients drug upon drug, setting up an endless cycle.

Maybe you are a victim of the Sickness Industry

The Sickness Industry as seen by College Station Tx chiropractor Dr. Bailey

Consider for a moment what would certainly occur to all the big pharmaceutical as well as food companies revenues if 80 percent of people quit buying their medications and also highly processed foods. What would happen if they had discovered a method to recover their health and also stay healthy and balanced. They wouldn't need their drugs or fake foods!

Think of the last time you sat down to enjoy a TV program? Chances are you saw a pharmaceutical service promoting a brand-new wonder drug (along with several negative effects) to make you feel better and all you had to do was go ask your medical professional for a prescription!

Just what's wrong with this picture? Drug companies (Big Pharma) are asking us to see a doctor to purchase their items? The advertising and marketing works too, as these are very profitable drugs. But many are waking up to the idea that these drugs are ofteen pushed out without proper testing, as indicated by the long list of recalled drugs. These are the same drugs that the government and Big Pharma were safe and effective, but just look and the devastation these caused in many lives.

While is is true that there are some amazing medicines readily available today that provide amazing advantages to certain individuals needing important life support treatment. That tiny portion of the population who is going through life saving operations, suffering from major congenital diseases or battling harmful illness or injury. Modern drugs in this instance can be life savers.

But chronic illness is on the rise, faster than the polulation is increasing. Why is that?

Think how Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, and Big Medicine have a nice little Sickness Industrial Complex going, aided and abetted by the government.

Government gives billions in price support to Big Ag to create and abundant supply of cheap food, especially for grains and meat. These are stripped of the vitamins and chemicals are added to increase the shelf life, shipping ability, and taste to create food people crave. Craving allows for brain damage and overeating behavior. This causes chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. This is where Big Pharma comes in. Big bucks here treating chronic illness.

And people get brain-washed into thinking they are being cared for!

Something Has To Change

Take your health into your own hands. Find a functional medicine chiropractor in College Station or Bryan Texas to healp guide you through the maze, to reach a place you can know how to recover your own health.

Through the right food, and the right supplements, you can live healthy and stay out of the Sickness Industrial Complex.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article is intended to be used as a substitute for advice of a physician. Do not modify your diet, exercises, or medications without first seeking the advice of a physician. Information on this site is for information purposes only. No claims have been approved by the FDA unless otherwise indicated.


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