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What Women Look For In A Man?

What a women looks for in her man is more than skin deep. While assessing him for a mate and a husband, it is more than looks. Here is a wish list of the qualities that women look for in their men.

Passion: All women enjoy deep passionate love. Passion not just of the sexual nature but also emotional. When a man is able to connect with his woman on her life, her interests, hobbies, etc, there is this connection of minds which helps the relationship take off almost immediately. Confidence: This important quality is what a woman always searches for in her man. Being in authority yet easy in catchy situation, this fine balance endears to all women. He must have good posture, toned body and lovable body language and gestures. If you're having some issues in the confidence department try boosting it by feeling good about yourself. If something has you down about yourself work hard to change it. Some feel very insecure about their size, but even that can be changed. Find out how tohow to add inches to your penis safely.

Loyalty: Yet another important quality in a healthy relationship. Double timing, flirting around and even ogling other women should be done at his own risk!

Dependability: The man must deliver his promise. When committed with his beau no other work or appointment is more important. Last minute ditching is not done.

Surprising her often: This bonus trait is what all women deserve. The man must surprise her with little things, as little as say a flower! Of course, gifts and dinners will help him get somewhere!

Generosity: The man has to be magnanimous to his lady. Here we are not just concerned about the material things but he has to be generous with his time and his appreciation.

Kind: A kind heart and a beautiful soul. The man must have a good heart. Out there it may be a the dog eat dog world in the boardroom but in the bedroom he has to show only his soft side. In a survey conducted in the New York City in 2015, 86% women voted kindness to be the quality that makes a man extremely desirable.

The right attitude towards fatherhood: Women look for a sign that their mate can be good father in the future. The trait is very important for the lady who has been very close to her father.

Grooming and teaching: Women drool over men who groom them and teach them about things that they do and see. It instantly reminds helps in bonding.

Humor: There is a thin line between laughing at others and being humorous. Laughing at others is bad but if the guy can laugh at his own gaffes, then that will give him an extra brownie point from the lady. Nothing better than laughing away lifes worries together forever!


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