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Why Is It Important To Live In The Present Moment?

The Face of The Present Moment

In the present moment we authentically exist. If we are fully present in the moment, then there is no attachment to the past or the future. When we want to think about the past or the future, we can make a small experiment and sit in front of the mirror for a moment. While we think about the painful things that happened in the past or start to worry about the future, our face changes. We can notice the tension in our facial muscles around our eyes and wrinkles on our forehead.

But, when we are aware of the present moment, the thoughts about the past and the future vanish away. Our face changes, too. Its expression corresponds to the current situation were in. We dont feel trapped in the claws of non-existing past and unpredictable future. We embrace the situation as it is. We respond to whatever comes to us on time. We go hand in hand with our life. We smile together at all its absurdities. All surprises and challenges become the integral parts of our being which consistently grow at every moment. All our energy is not dispersed into multiple directions. Instead of it, it is directed to our expansion, happiness and growth.

Following Our Sharp Inner Sight

When we are in presence, we perceive other people with a keen and quick insight. We dont think about what our next step or response should look like. Too much thinking can only block our natural response and intuition. We wont pay attention to what other people wear or what are their titles, but what they really are.

Getting Into The Zone

If we are fully absorbed in some sort of a sport activity, resolving a problem or creating a new thing, then there is no space left for doubt, fear and worry. Here, all our body, mind, soul and spirit are fully soaked in here and now. We and our sport activity, problem we face or a new creation only exist and nothing else. Time, speed and space are irrelevant. The results and outcome do not exist in our mind, too. Also, there is no overanalysis of the details. In this way, our performance gets much better and we feel such a joy and lightness in every move we make. This clarity of mind can also be achieved when you meditate.

The Present Heals

If we are aware of our body-mind connection in here and now, we get the insight into the pain we may feel. We find its cause and how to release it from our body and mind. We are self-healers and we rely on our wisdom.


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